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  2. So I’ve started shooting with coloured gels on my flashes again. The above was something I quickly knocked together of photos from a saturday evening a couple of weeks back. 

    I’ve been attaching multiple gels to get these split coloured images. The nice thing about these new fangled digital cameras you may have heard of is that with the ability to change white balance completely in-camera, one or two gels can get you upwards of four colours. 

    Here’s the utter hack job I did in five minutes before leaving that evening.

  3. Andrew Weaver 

  4. Bonus photo of my fellow critic for a very serious examination of digital culture.

  5. Digital Revolution

  7. Charlotte

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  10. Aurora

  11. Hackney City Farm

  12. Hackney City Farm

  13. Hackney City Farm

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  15. Bro’s for life

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