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  3. Cat are you seriously sleeping like that

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  4. Charlotte - Sean Wakefield, 2014


  5. Been busy shooting and haven’t got round to editing the bits and pieces of personal work I’ve done so here’s a one from a few months back.

  7. Hello

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  8. Anniversary drink/pizza last eve
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  9. Big thanks to the #rspca for utterly failing to give a shit about a poor stray dog running around on the roads. Spent an hour with it while it barked and I tried to get anyone on the phone who would help. RSPCA would rather spend money on ad campaigns than any services to actually help, wouldn’t do shit, the number for southwark council dog warden went to the anti social behaviour department, when I eventually found someone to talk to, the dog warden is only open 8-5 so thank god stray animals keep office hours. Emergency warden, I’m told by the random council staff I spoke to, don’t come out for dogs they have to be brought in. So like, not actually a dog warden at all. Stellar work all round folks, had to leave it, so when he gets ran over or bites a kid because he’s scared it’ll be a great comfort that you did fuck all.

  10. One of the first photos I took of Charlotte a year ago. She continues to drink tea and have a fringe and put up with me to this very day. Happy anniversary

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  14. I’m sorry you were put in kitty jail we brought you some flowers

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  15. Coffee at @ladydinahscats this afternoon

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